production monitoring dashboard

Online  Production  monitoring  system  is  to improve the productivity of manufacturing process by continuously tracking the production against planned production and alerting the Production managers.   The application acquires data from multiple  data  sources  for  Plan  and  actual  and creates reports for monitoring.


    • Data analytics interfacing the client production plan data and the actual data,   to derive Information  on the current status of actual production against the plan on different Plants,  multiple sub Units under Plant.
    • Generate  Production  analysis reports i.e. Production scheduled vs.  production  performed,    Hourly,  Shift  wise,  Daily  at equipment  level or any other levels viz. plant, process, machine.
    • Equipment  online  status  depicting  in  Green / Red/Grey stating  [Working/ Breakdown/ No Plan].
    • Generate   Historic  reports   of  Plan  vs  Actual,   Week Wise, Month wise.
    • Production Loss and Idle time reports for single or  multiple equipment or for multiple plants.
    • Mail integration to alert the production  status based on User defined schedules.